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[DEWBELL] AroBath Mini Vitamin Shower Filter (LAVENDER)


  • Filters out chlorine to protect skin and hair
  • Enhances water quality for a more enjoyable shower
  • Infused with highly concentrated vitamin C for skin benefits
  • Compact size and easy installation
  • Made in Korea with a focus on quality

Transform your daily shower into a spa-like experience with the [DEWBELL] AroBath Mini Vitamin Shower Filter in Lavender. This innovative filter not only removes chlorine from your water but also enhances its quality, promoting healthier hair and skin. Made in Korea with a focus on quality and effectiveness, it’s the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

Key Features:

  • Chlorine Removal: Effectively filters out chlorine, protecting your skin and hair.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: Improves the overall quality of your water for a more enjoyable shower experience.
  • Vitamin Enriched: Infused with vitamin C for added skin benefits.
  • Compact Size: Its small size makes it easy to install and perfect for any shower.
  • Easy Installation: Simple installation process that takes just minutes.


Package Includes:

  • AroBath Mini Vitamin Dechlorination Shower Filter (LAVENDER) 1pc


  • Applicable Water Temperature: 4~50°C
  • Expiration Period: 3 years from the manufacturing date, 6 months after opening
  • Origin: South Korea

Warm Reminders:

  • Check adapter size compatibility before purchase.
  • Replace filter every 1-3 months, depending on water pollution levels.
  • Replace filter if completely contaminated or water pressure is significantly reduced.
  • Images and information are for reference only; actual product may vary. Information subject to change without notice.

Upgrade your shower routine with the [DEWBELL] AroBath Mini Vitamin Shower Filter in Lavender and enjoy the benefits of healthier, more rejuvenating showers.

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