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Dewbell Water Purification Kit PRO Refill Filter


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3 PC Per Pack

Removes rust, harmful substances in tap water (Up to 5~7 micro)

Make sure to check the standard of hose (1/2 in) under wash basin before buying this product.

Extremely simple and easy to install it

High capacity filter and various filter type. / Good for your skin and hair

It can be installed in water faucet by changing installation parts such as shower line, wash basin, sink and so on.

Dewbell Water Purification Kit PRO Refill Filter


Dewbell Water Purification Kit PRO Refill Filter product can be easily installed on the water outlet of a washbasin or the shower faucet (tub side) to turn water into good water.

Hygienic filter production

When assembling the filter, its is assembled in an easy way without any chemicals or mechanical forces. Discoloration process of filter.

In general, it is recommended to replace every 1-3 months, but the replacement cycle may vary from house to house. Replace the internal filter if the color is severely discolored or the water pressure is weak.

Filter Replacement Method

  • If the water pressure is weak or the filter is severely discolored, the internal filter should be replaced.
  • After loosening the lower cap, take out the filter, insert the new filter with the filter part facing upward and then tighten it again.


If the screw is forcibly tightened, the screw part may be damaged, resulting in failure to tighten or leakage. Turn the screw counterclockwise / clockwise while checking that the screw fits in. Do not apply excessive force and turn it slowly. If the screw is too tight, it will not fit properly, so do not turn it forcibly.

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