Dewbell UAE ( offers returns for products within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the shipment to you if the product is eligible for return. Products that are eligible for return have the – “Enjoy hassle-free returns with this offer” tag under offer details. Products that are not eligible for return cannot be returned under any circumstances. A product will not be accepted as returned until it has been notified to the customer that it is accepted for return.

As a customer of Dewbell UAE (, you can return the product within 15 days from the receipt of delivery IF the product is eligible for return.

It may take up to one week based on your location for a product to reach our warehouse once you return it. Once the item reaches our warehouse, allow for up to two (2) business days for us to receive and process your returned product. After the return is processed, it may take up to seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days for the refund to get credited to your credit card or your bank account (if paid by cash or bank deposit).

Please note the return policies for the type of products at Dewbell UAE (

General conditions applicable to all returns

If the product does not meet the return requirements, Dewbell UAE ( reserves the right to refuse the claim and return the product back to the

customer. The customer shall not be entitled to any refund if the product is not eligible for return. In the case a product is declined for a return request at any stage, we will make two (2) attempts to deliver the product back to the customer. The customer can raise a request for another attempt with our customer care team within three (3) business days post the last notified attempt. If we receive the request from the customer for another attempt within three (3) business days post the last notified attempt, we can arrange the last attempt for delivery within two (2) business days otherwise the item will be sent for liquidation and the customer won’t be able to request for the delivery of the product again. For assistance, please contact us.