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Something Different with Water.

Made in Korea

Dewbell possesses the best water filtration technology of Korea through its continuous research and development activities accumulated for over 20 years.


Removes rust, impurities and chlorine inside water pipes


Various types of filters for your preference


Increased filtration performance with compact and high-capacity filters


Easy to install and replace water filters


Applied FDA-approved material, no harmful substances added

Dewbell Makes Good Water

Water you use to wash your body is as important as drinking water.

Increase PH Level

Increases pH and effectively reduces hair loss, dry scalp, itchy skin, and dandruff.

Soothe Sensitive Skin

Recommended also for Eczema, skin rashes and allergies.

Works Wonders on Hair

Enhances hair shine through mineralisation and supports hair loss reduction.

Preserve Natural Oils

Keeps natural level of skull oil (filtered water doesn’t suck natural oil from your hair)

Spa Shower Experience

Ceramic balls in the filter provide best spa shower experience that rejuvenates the senses, reduces stress, improves mood and sleep quality.

Water Filters

Simply install it in your water supply system to remove rust, impurities, chlorine, and bacteria in your tap water. The impurities filtrated by the device are immediately visible. The filter can be replaced easily to maintain it clean always.

For Shower

For Wash Basin & Undersink

For Washing Machine

Replacement Filters

The filters are recommended to be replaced every one to three months.

The frequency may vary depending on the water quality.

Replace the filter when it is completely contaminated or the water pressure has decreased significantly.

DEWBELL F15 Replacement Filter Cartridge

Filter composition
Sediment filter

Removes rust and impurities

DEWBELL F15 Replacement Filter Cartridge

Filter composition
Premium sediment filter, chlorine remover, bacteria remover

Increased rust removal performance and reduces impurities, bacteria, and residual chlorine

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